• Muscovy Steak and Chips

My Favourite dish, Fresh!! From running around out in the field to cooked on a plate within an hour. These are my favourite ducks, not just that they are quiet and friendly and wandering around the garden like a pet rabbit. I feel that, to make these profitable, they need to be farmed! As well as laying large eggs throughout the Summer, they were originally raised for meat, which is a beefy and less greasy meat, rather than the meat of some breeds derived from the Mallard.

The Drakes, at 4 months old, will produce 12oz of breast meat on each side of their breasts - this is why I refer to their breasts as steaks! They will produce two x 12oz of breast meat and two x 7oz of leg meat giving 2 1/2 lbs of pure meat per bird, without the carcass.

I find the easiest and quickest way to prepare these is, after I have dispatched them, I turn them on their back and skin their breasts and legs with the feathers still on, also no need to gut/clean them out, so this saves about an hour and no mess of feathers everywhere, as ducks can be hard to pluck. Then I cut the breasts out and legs off, about 20 minutes work and Job Done!! You can open up the breast ribs and take the heart and other bits out if you want, but I usually dont bother otherwise their is no more meat left on the carcass at this point that is not worth bothering with!

With the breasts, I put a bit of butter on and 10 minutes under the grill, and you’ve got yourself a lovely steak and chips, and with the legs I chop the meat up into small chunks and mix in a sweet and sour sauce for another meal the next day.

You can go to the picture Gallery, to the “Field to Plate” section and follow the pictures on information on taking the meat from the duck carcass.