ACC046, Express Range

ACC046, Express Range

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ACC046, Express Range

ACC046 2 to 4 hens

Poultry House & Extended Run Access door to house, Vents, Perches, Pull out cleaning tray, Nest Box, Sliding pop hole door, Access side door to run, Lift up roof on run, Great housing for all small animals.


House. House Width - 70.5cms (28”) House Width (with overhangs) - 76cms (30”) House Length - 70cms (27.5”) House Length (with overhangs) - 76cms (30”) House Height - 104cms (41”). Run. Run Width - 70.5cms (28”) Run Width (with overhangs) - 75cms (29.5”) Run Length - 140cms (55”) Run Height - 103cms (40.5”). Nest Box. Nest Box Length - 57cm (22.5”) Nest Box Length (with overhangs) - 59cms (23”) Nest Box Depth - 43cms (17”) Nest Box Height - 41cms (16”).

Please Note The measurements are taken separately, for the overall house length add the Run, House and Nest Box together, for the overall Run Length add the House and Run together.

Price £199.00