Carolina Wood - Mature

Carolina Wood - Mature

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Carolina Wood - Mature

The Carolina Wood Duck, The Carolina Drake is one of the most colourful North American Waterfowl. The Carolina is a medium-sized perching duck, The male has distinctive multicoloured iridescent plumage with a long curving crest, a bold white chin spot, and a red bill, the legs are yellow, The female has a grey crest and a wide white eye ring that extends in a pointed line behind the eye, otherwise she closely resembles the female Mandarin duck. Like the Mandarin it is winter hardy and is an ideal duck for the garden ponds there aswell as for aviaries. Wood ducks are not as well suited to flying freely in large parks as Mandarin ducks becouse they often migrate to warmer climates in the fall and fail to return in the spring. Wood ducks are quite friendly towards their caretakers. Wood ducks do not engage in communal courtship displays, but the courtship ritual with which the drake woos his mate is quite striking, he sometimes even offers her tidbits of food, a courtship display that is extremely rare in ducks. Also like the Mandarin they do well on tender plant material, and also do well on a mix of layers or breeders pellets and mixed corn. All of our Carolina ducks are Pinioned while young to stop them from flying off, so they dont have to be keeped in a aviary and can be keeped out on the garden pond.

Adult pairs in full colour prior to stock availablity at £65 per pair.

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Breed Characteristics:

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  • Class:  Duck
  • Purpose:  Exhibition/Ornamental
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