Quails. Coturnix Quail

Quails. Coturnix Quail

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Quails. Coturnix Quail

Quail. Golden Italian Coturnix Quail (Jumbo)
This is a table strain developed for increased size and weight, although the colour and markings are the same as those of the normal type, This is essentially the same breed as other strains of Coturnix laying quail but has been developed as a separate variety with golden colouring. The male is lighter while the female is darker and more striated, She also has distinctive brown stripes around the face. These are a docile quiet breed and easy to keep so they also make great pets for children.

The earliest known representation of the quail is in Egyptian hieroglyphics, when the little bird was common enough and important enough to merit a place in the alphabet. Carvings of the period indicate that it was caught in nets, along with other species, and represented an important part of the diet.

Quail live in groups called coveys ranging from six to several hundred birds. It’s important to give quail plenty of space as they don’t thrive when over-crowded and they appreciate some cover, such as branches or brush. When young, quail are delicate and require gentle handling, though they become quite hardy at adulthood.

Quail are quiet birds, so make a pleasing addition to your collection. Breeding season starts in early spring and one female quail will lay up to 100 eggs in a season. Quail can be reared and released as game for meat, although they are naturally migratory and don’t know to stay where you want to shoot them, though they make an excellent addition to your fowl collection.

Day olds at £2.00 each (not sexed)

1 week old at £2.50 each (not sexed)

2 week’s old at £3.50 each (not sexed)

3 week’s old at £4.50 each (not sexed)

4 week’s old at £5.50 each (not sexed)

5 week’s old at £6.50 each (not sexed)

6 week’s old at £7.50 each (not sexed)

over 6 week’s the bird’s will be sexed.

over 6 week’s Pairs at £15.00, extra females £10 each, extra Males £5 each.

Prices from £2.00

Breed Characteristics:

Key:  1 = low,   5 = high

  • Class:  Other Fowl
  • Purpose:  Dual
  • Laying:  Number of chicken heads denoting the value for this attribute
  • Easiness:  Number of chicken heads denoting the value for this attribute
  • Sociability:  Number of chicken heads denoting the value for this attribute