Orchard Poultry offer a selection of ducks, from larger Muscovys to Miniature/Ornamental Ducks. Our listings show ducks that are available now and others that will be in stock later in the year.

Our ducks are all pure-breed and from the finest breeding stock. Varieties include birds for laying, table, ornamental and exhibition. If you need any advice, please email and we’ll be happy to help with any questions you have.

Our main Meat ducks are Aylesbury cross Pekin hybrid ducks.

Most of our sale stock this season (2017) will be as day old ducklings,

We can vent-sex our ducklings if required, at 1 week old.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to reserve Ducklings available.*

Sorry we are having problems with our shopping cart at the moment that our website provider is failing to correct, so if you are being overcharged more than our delivery charges, please contact us and we can take a card payment. Delivery cost should be for England and Wales £75. And £85 for the lower half of Scotland for a box of 1 to 5 birds and then £10 per 2nd box of an extra 1 to 5 birds thereafter. Example - 8 birds = £75 for 5 + £10 for the extra 3 = £85. 11 birds = £95.