Welcome to our new range of hybrid poultry. While you will find only pure-bred poultry on our Hens, Ducks and Other web pages, the poultry on this page are from hybrid breeds. These birds are healthy, hardy and come from one of leading suppliers in the UK; all poultry are FULLY VACCINATED and transported by specialist DEFRA registered couriers to ensure the birds’ welfare and make the journey as stress-free as possible.

You can purchase either Day old Chicks “sexed as females” or POL Pullets. We also now supply table chicks as day olds or growers.

How to buy, - Decide how many birds you would like to buy, if you are only buying 2 birds choose the drop-down “pullets 1-6” then add the amount to your Basket. You can mix the different type, like 10 birds = 2 Rhode Rocks, 4 commercical Browns and 4 Sussex Rangers = 10, then choose the drop-down from all the different types you have chosen at “Pullets 7-25” then add the amount of each type to your Basket to receive the discounted price. (you don’t have to buy more than 7 birds of one type to receive the discount).

Our hybrid birds are reared indoors until approx 10-16 weeks old depending on time of year, but with freedom to run around and plenty of space, and while we supply a number of local free range farms this class of bird is not reared for an intensive cage situation.

We also supply Day old hybrid Chicks “sexed as Females” These are only Hatched once a month, and orders over 6 chicks or more “depends on time of year” you will have to order three and a half weeks before you plan to collect or receive them, so the eggs can be sat in the incubator, otherwise we can usually supply a small order of 1-6 chicks throughout the Spring and early Summer if we can spare them from our own growing stock, Day old chicks are for collection only or local delivery.

For Smaller orders of 1-6 Pullets we usually hold about a dozen birds of each type in stock at Orchard Poultry for availability for collection most of the year round, Medium orders of around 25-100 Pullets there will be about a 2-5 week wait while we get this stock in for collection or delivery. For large orders of 151+ Pullets please contact me as there will be a 2 to 3 months wait before available, and for 500+ birds 3 to 5 months wait depending on time of year.

Sorry we are having problems with our shopping cart at the moment that our website provider is failing to correct, so if you are being overcharged more than our delivery charges, please contact us and we can take a card payment. Delivery cost should be for England and Wales £75. And £85 for the lower half of Scotland for a box of 1 to 5 birds and then £10 per 2nd box of an extra 1 to 5 birds thereafter. Example - 8 birds = £75 for 5 + £10 for the extra 3 = £85. 11 birds = £95.